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says who

Saturday morning, I went to the drugstore to pick up a refill for one of my pain medications, only to discover that there weren’t any refills left on it. This particular medication is the linchpin of the chemical arrangement that … Continue reading

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something wrong

You don’t belong here. That’s what keeps running through my head, around and around, rattling noisily like an old toy train on a short track. You’re not really disabled. Your injury isn’t that big of a deal. There’s nothing biochemically … Continue reading

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this time it will be different (really, I promise)

The nerve is growing back. There’s no denying it. There is a reactivated trigger point near where my collar bone joins my first rib that has dutifully responded to manipulations by both my physical and massage therapists in every session in the … Continue reading

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Actions have consequences. We may forget it sometimes and act as though our personal bubble is a closed system. But while we often behave as though we are little universes unto ourselves, most of us live in close enough proximity to other … Continue reading

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voices in my head

Yesterday, I reluctantly bowed out of my last remaining extracurricular activity, a music group I’ve participated in since before this all started. Intellectually, I know it was the right and mature thing to do. But I’ve slept so little in … Continue reading

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