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learning, fast and slow

Well, that didn’t take long. Even though the surgery was less than a month ago, I was back in full-on, Type-A Ape mode in the lab last week, happily doing whatever was asked of me, including a generous complement of … Continue reading

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time, space, and state of being

Time as we understand it is a linear, stepwise progression; measurable, dependable, irreversible. But there are physicists who will tell you that this is an illusion imposed by our own minds, which are incapable of conceiving anything beyond a progressive, … Continue reading

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I hate oprah

A large stack of glossy, colorful magazines sits by the chairs in the waiting area for my physical therapist’s office. It’s comprised largely of Oprah magazines.  I stare at them twice a week.  The colors change, but everything else looks the … Continue reading

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stop my life I want to get off

You’d think I finally might have come around to the idea that my body has some limitations. Laid low by a painful, crippling nerve injury involving my neck and right shoulder, I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on the months leading up to it. … Continue reading

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