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you break it, you buy it

Photo by Sergi Ferrete on Unsplash It is extremely rare that I come across an article that I think explains a point of view with more clarity and poignancy than I ever could. The article indicated below, however, more than … Continue reading

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this is why

OK, I’ll admit, I was one of those liberals that didn’t get the Trump thing. While I might not have been as addicted to the daily outrage flung up the flagpole by the media as some, I entertained a lingering, … Continue reading

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I have a new most hated phrase. It is “living life on your own terms.” It’s always touted as this thing to aspire to, as though it takes some special strength or perseverance to achieve it. As though it is something to … Continue reading

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impossibilities, and the glory of the mundane

At the end of each physical therapy session, I get ice and electric stimulation on my shoulder. I lie on my back on one of the tables with my knees bent and my head propped up, and they have posters … Continue reading

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I hate oprah

A large stack of glossy, colorful magazines sits by the chairs in the waiting area for my physical therapist’s office. It’s comprised largely of Oprah magazines.  I stare at them twice a week.  The colors change, but everything else looks the … Continue reading

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I have a pet peeve, and it is internet philosophy. I’m sure you’ve seen those articles with “5 things you didn’t know about successful people” or “10 quick tips to a better life” or “The real secret to happiness” and … Continue reading

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maybe it’s all my fault…

Adapted from a F***book post on March 25, 2014 Woman Takes on her Pain with English Channel Swim This. pisses. me. off. I do not mean in any way to diminish the achievements of this woman who has lived in … Continue reading

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