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don’t touch my bar

How instructors accommodate disability in post-secondary classrooms is an impassioned interest of mine. At a recent conference, I attended a talk discussing incidence and coping strategies of neurodivergence in college students. This category included autism, mental illnesses such as bipolar … Continue reading

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see me

This past semester, my final project was a paper that explored the interface among autistic media portrayals, stereotypes, disability laws, and lived experiences. I discovered that I am not unique in the amount of effort I expend to appear neurotypical. … Continue reading

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I am not spontaneous. I cannot pack a bag and fly off to Europe tomorrow, or up and go to the beach on an hour’s notice. I do not impulsively engage in crazy activities with my pals that turn into … Continue reading

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They don’t match. That was my first thought as I sat on the edge of MS Ape’s bathroom sink, my back to my reflection, peering into a make-up mirror to compare the barely-knitted slices on my left scapula to the … Continue reading

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getting to work

So now I have officially graduated, and have been back to work in the lab for a little over a week. The days are long, but my shoulder, while not entirely pleased, has thus far refrained from laying me out … Continue reading

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not done

It hasn’t been a good week. The tidal surge of adrenaline borne out of the pure joy at being released from constant, immobilizing pain has receded. I have come back down to earth to find my shoulder still heavily damaged and disturbingly weak. … Continue reading

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depress |diˈpres| verb [ with obj. ] (1) make (someone) feel utterly dispirited or dejected: that first day at school depressed me. (2) reduce the level or strength of activity in (something, esp. an economic or biological system): fear of inflation … Continue reading

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space and the wheel

Today is the beginning of a new experiment. Last night, I went to a party and stayed out very late. I haven’t stayed out that late in nearly a year; I’m not even sure what I was thinking when I decided … Continue reading

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My regular readers may have noticed a new categorization in the side bar, called Aspects. This is because I feel as though I’ve entered a new phase in this experience, and it seemed important to make some sort of acknowledgement … Continue reading

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done and next

Another visit to the pain management doctor. Another handful of prescriptions, after another diagnostic scan that showed nothing. Nothing. I received a detailed MRI, called an arthrogram, of the entire underside of my scapula and surrounding tissues, and it revealed precisely … Continue reading

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