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you know what else has a hole in the middle of it?

Dear TG Ape: {Health Insurance Company [Money-Grubbing Wankers, Inc.]}’s pharmacy benefit manager continually review* medicines, products, and prices, to make sure the drugs that work well and are cost-effective become part of your prescription drug benefit [figure out if there’s … Continue reading

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Miss EmilyAnnaB, one of my favorite bloggers, recently sent me a parcel of nice questions to answer, about things that have nothing to do with my shoulder. Those answers will be forthcoming later this week. I like being given questions I can … Continue reading

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I hate oprah

A large stack of glossy, colorful magazines sits by the chairs in the waiting area for my physical therapist’s office. It’s comprised largely of Oprah magazines.  I stare at them twice a week.  The colors change, but everything else looks the … Continue reading

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Three Things Not To Say To People With Chronic Health Problems (And What You Can Say Instead)

It’s been a tough week in the ape preserve, I know, so as we close in on a holiday weekend, I thought I would lighten things up with a bit of chronic pain comedy. Three Things Not To Say to … Continue reading

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People need to stop – really, really, stop – asking me if I’ve tried acupuncture. If I had a nickel for every person who, etc., etc. Acupuncture, as well as reiki, reflexology, chakra alignment, and all other forms of “energy” … Continue reading

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imaginary conversation with my local pharmacy

Hi there. My name is T.G. Ape. I suffer from chronic pain. You probably know me – I’m on a first name basis with most of the pharmacists and staff. Yep, that’s right, 0104, that’s me. I’ve been picking up … Continue reading

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