My Chronic Pain in a Nutshell

It’s rare for me to find a post that so poignantly expresses what life is like as a sufferer of chronic pain, but this one touches on everything, how it affects physical and mental states, as well as “real-world” functioning and social interaction.

About C. M. Condo

I'm a woman in her early forties who was beset in October of 2013 with a nerve entrapment due to an abnormal conformation of my shoulder blades. I was in constant, unrelieved pain for fifteen months, until, after countless misdiagnoses and mistreatments, a surgeon correctly diagnosed the issue and performed two surgeries to remove pieces of my shoulder blades. Along the way, I also discovered I am high-functioning autistic. I started this blog in March of 2014 as a way to try to process what was happening to me. It is my hope that by sharing it with you, we can both gain something, or at least learn something, from my experience.
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