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As requested, this is the first in what will be an intermittent series of answers to Miss Emily‘s questions, in no particular order:

4. List 11 facts about yourself.

1. My fingernails grow really strong and really fast.  When I was a kid, I used them to break into locked rooms and closets in my house, as well as my sister’s diary.

2. I am lactose-intolerant

3. My favorite color is burgundy.  It was gray for a long time, but I finally got bored with it.  My favorite color combination, however, is still charcoal gray and sunflower yellow.

4. I am a grammar snob

5. I have a deep and abiding disgust for advertising and marketing and all those who perpetrate it. People whose job it is to convince you that you want something that you don’t actually need, and then aggressively sell it to you, serve no purpose on this earth whatsoever, and we should gather them all up and deposit them on a desert island with no cell phone or wi-fi service and allow them to cannibalize each other until the last one finally dies of starvation.

6. I have three tattoos

7. I used to think blogging was primarily a pathetic, self-aggrandizing plea for attention and that only self-obsessed people did it. Ironically, I still kind of think that.

8. I think I have pretty feet

9. I have three (count ’em), yes, that would be three cats and I live in a one-bedroom apartment. I’m pretty sure my per capita cat-to-person ratio qualifies me for crazy cat lady status.

10. I used to be the lead singer of an alternative rock band.  At that time, I also had purple hair.

11. I find animal torture harder to watch than people torture.  People will always be cruel to other people, but animals don’t deserve it; they’re just innocent bystanders to our parasitization of the planet.

About C. M. Condo

I am a late-diagnosed, high-functioning autistic living with chronic pain. I started this blog in March of 2014 as a way to try to process what was happening to me. It is my hope that by sharing it with you, we can both gain something, or at least learn something, from my experience.
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2 Responses to answers (1)

  1. Joshua Engel says:

    Miss Emily’s blog is really good… Thank you for pointing that out.


  2. christellsit says:

    Really like this!


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